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Do You Have Experience Writing Web Content For *Insert Industry Here*?

We’ve been asked this question before. And we’re sure it’ll be asked again. Hence the inspiration for this post!

Is industry experience important when writing web content?

Yes and no. Our industry of expertise is writing content for the web. You, the client, know your business and industry inside out. We know what questions to ask you, for us to produce web content that drives your users to take action. So that means:

Webstruxure doesn’t need experience of your industry to write great web content for you. That’s because we know what questions to ask you, the expert, about your industry. 

The questions we’ll ask you aim to work out what your business goals are – so we can write content that works towards achieving those goals. We’ll find out more about your users and target audiences. We’ll find out about your key products or services. Then we’ll use the tools of our industry to turn that information into a content strategy.

The content strategy might be based around improving search engine optimisation (SEO). In that case, we’ll look to create content for topics that align with what information your prospective users are searching for online.

Alternatively, it could be based on improving conversions through a particular user journey on your site. In that case, we’ll see how we can remove any barriers to conversion through clear and persuasive messaging.

It’s your audience, not your industry, that we need to know

The key to writing web content that helps to achieve business goals is to understand the end user. In general (see note below), your user isn’t interested in your industry – they have a problem that you can solve, or a desire that you can fulfill.

We want to understand what that problem or desire is, so we can write content that persuades the user that your service or product meets their needs.

As an example, if you sell cars, your user isn’t interested in the motor industry – they’re interested in buying a car.

It’s important to understand what type of cars your business sells, and what kind of audience you’re selling to. Are you selling Jaguars or Renault? Brand new models or second hand trade-ins?

The answer to those questions will lead to very different messaging. What moves your Jaguar buyer might put off your second hand Renault buyer, and vice versa.

Note: Some industries have specific stakeholders which they have a statutory or operational requirement to inform. In this case, we know how to structure your site so that these stakeholders can quickly get to the specific information they need, without getting in the way of your customers’ needs.

What is important when writing web content?

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If you need web content, let’s talk

We might have experience specific to your industry, but then again we might not. What we do have is the expertise from years of experience writing web content that drives users to take action.

Planning, creating, publishing and sharing content is a time-heavy task. Webstruxure can help to take the load off. We also offer a range of content administration services to keep your website ticking along while you focus on the business of your business.

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