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WOF Check 1:
Information Architecture – How To Design Great Website IA

WOF Check 2:
Social Media (Coming soon)

WOF Check 3:
Search Engine Optimisation – Is Your Content SEO-Ready?  (Coming soon)

WOF Check 4:
Content Strategy  (Coming soon)

WOF Check 5:
Content Maintenance  (Coming soon)

WOF Check 6:
Content Calendar  (Coming soon)

WOF Check 7:
Email Marketing  (Coming soon)

WOF Check 8:
Content Plan  (Coming soon)

WOF Check 9:
Making A Web Content WOF Work In The Real World

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Get on the road to success

Have you ever had to buy a new car, because every time you sent your old vehicle to the mechanic, something bigger and more expensive was broken?

If you don’t service your car, you can expect that its wheels will stop turning, or something under the hood will start smoking.

But something as simple as regularly maintaining your car – changing the oil, aligning the tyres and checking the radiator – can keep it running smoothly for many more years.

Like cars, websites can break down over time. But also like cars, websites can be maintained:

  • You can choose to service your existing website – continually reviewing and tweaking its content to keep it up to date and working well for users.
  • You can refurbish your website – updating and replacing features and functionality over time, in line with your budget and goals.
  • Or, you can replace your website by building a brand-new one.

While Webstruxure is equipped to refurbish your existing website, or build a new one, there is inevitably a cost that comes with both.

If you’re in need of some simple and cost-effective ways to get your website running smoothly, this Web Content Warrant of Fitness will help you on your way. We’re used to doing WOFs with our cars, but how long has it been since your website had a WOF?

Webstruxure’s Web Content Warrant of Fitness is made up of 8 simple guides, taking you through reviewing and maintaining your website content:

  1. Content strategy
  2. Information architecture
  3. Content plan
  4. Content creation
  5. Content review
  6. Content maintenance
  7. Search engine optimisation
  8. Content calendar

Your web content is essentially the key component of your website. Like your steering wheel and accelerator get the driver where they need to go – if a key piece of content is missing or out of date, your users will be going nowhere, fast.

By the end of each guide, you’ll know how to maintain key parts of your web content, ensuring your website runs smoother for you and your users.