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Which Wellington Web Design Course?

Which Wellington web design course suits you? There’s a range of great courses to choose from in Wellington. Whether you’re looking for a degree course, a diploma course or a short course, there’s at least one Wellington education provider that offers the course you are looking for to launch you into the world of web design, or sharpen your skills if you’ve already been in the web design field for a while.

What do you need? Massey University and Victoria University of Wellington offer full degree courses with the opportunity to carry on to do postgraduate design qualifications, and Whitireia Polytechnic also offers a degree course. Yoobee School of Design offers diploma courses, while the Community Education Centre offers short basic courses that will get you underway in the field.

So which course suits you will depend on what you’re looking for. Is it a deep dive into web design or a quick plunge? Are you more interested in a degree qualification that will look good on your CV, or in short, practically-focused courses? Each type of course has its advantages and disadvantages.

Specialties vary too. Is your main interest in visual design, interaction design, or user experience design? Web design is a complex and fast-changing field, and there is more than one way to approach it. Do you want to be a specialist, gaining expertise in one specific aspect of web design, or do you want to make sure that you have a breadth of knowledge of the field?

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a Wellington web design course to meet your needs. We’ve brought together information about the courses offered by five different web design providers in Wellington, so you can make a decision about what type of course suits you best.

Web Design Wellington

With its vibrant film industry and tech sector, Wellington City and the wider Wellington region is the home of innovative, exciting web design. Web design in Wellington benefits from the city’s unique mix of Government, NGO, and private sector clients, and the city’s collaborative, creative culture.

In Wellington, web designers get the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, such as designing large, complex Government and institutional sites, designing apps, and tweaking template sites for small and medium clients. There’s a lively app development community, and a focus on interaction design, including exciting new moves into areas such as augmented reality.

Wellington’s small size and tightly focused CBD means it’s easy for web designers to meet up – and in fact there are meetup groups to cater for every flavour of web designer and web developer. Whether it’s a morning coffee with a client or a catchup after work with colleagues, there’s a lot more to being a Wellington web designer than bending over a hot keyboard.

Web design doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Here at Webstruxure’s Wellington office, our web designers work closely with experts in user experience, content strategy, content creation and web development, among other fields, to create modern, affordable, responsive web designs. That’s one of our points of difference: we don’t just create a web design for you, we create a web design that our web developers can turn into a website that works.

That means the web sites designed by Webstruxure don’t just look good: they work well, with fast load times and clean code.

Whoever they work for – Webstruxure, or one of the capital city’s many other web companies – Wellington’s web designers are an important part of the city’s digital economy, as are the web design courses that help to train them.

Wellington web design course options

Download our handy print-friendly guide to Wellington’s web design course options. The downloadable PDF contains everything you need to know, including links to find out more and apply online, plus contact information.

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Education institute

Programme name

2017 – 2018 start dates

Community Education Centre
(Wellington High School)
Web Design and Development 6-week course starts
18 October 2017
Massey University Bachelor of Design Semester One starts
26 February 2018
Victoria University Bachelor of Design Innovation (Interaction Design) Trimester 1 starts
5 March 2018
Whitireia New Zealand Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts & Design) Trimester One starts
13 February 2018
Yoobee School of Design Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic 40-week course starts
9 October 2017


Community Education Centre

The Community Education Centre’s Web Design and Development course introduces students to basic HTML5 tags and structure, CSS, the structure and naming of folders, hyperlinks, images and code checking. The course is a mixture of theory and exercises.

By the end of the course, students will have planned, designed and coded a basic website which they can use as a template to create additional sites – and they’ll understand how to organise web hosting and domains.

Massey University

Massey University’s Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Design with Honours in Visual Communication Design are four-year programmes that give students a thorough grounding in design theory and practice.

Students whose focus is digital media and interactivity learn about web and mobile media, animation and media production. They work on studio projects both individually and in groups. Students graduate ready for professional design practice and the industry, business, and marketing-related tasks that go with it.

Victoria University

The Web Design specialty in Victoria University’s three-year Bachelor of Design Innovation in Interaction Design takes a collaborative and cross-disciplinary approach that helps students to discover how people experience apps and websites. Students will learn how to bring these experiences to life in exciting and effective ways.

This Interaction Design specialty is a great study option for students interested in improving the quality of the human experience in such areas as web and game design.

Whitireia Polytechnic

Whitireia Polytechnic’s three-year Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Arts and Design) offers students the chance to specialise in visual communication design (publication design, motion graphics, photography, digital illustration and web interface design), and then to focus on one area of design.

The course has a strong practical focus. In their final year, students develop portfolios and approach a variety of design professionals to showcase their work – great preparation for becoming a web design professional.


The one-year full-time Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic (Level 5) is a new and vital addition to the range of web design courses Yoobee offers.

Designed to meet the latest industry demands, this course will introduce students to all the major components of graphic design and web development. Students will learn how to use graphic design to produce websites, software, and user interfaces, working on in-depth projects that will go into their portfolio.


Download our handy print-friendly guide to Wellington’s web design course options. The downloadable PDF contains everything you need to know, including links to find out more and apply online, plus contact information.

Download PDF

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