Our consultancy services include user experience, integration, content strategy, email marketing and data management. We provide consultancy services from our offices in Wellington, but we are available to consult nationwide. Let’s start the conversation.

Consultancy services

We’re happy to consult on any aspect of your organisation’s web presence, but here are some of the areas we specialise in.

User experience

Webstruxure can advise you how to improve the user experience of your site’s users.

And that’s not just a matter of looks – it’s a matter of results, When users find it hard to find information or to complete a task on your website, they will quickly leave and find what they’re looking for somewhere else. You might have the best product in the world, but if the user can’t figure out what need it meets or how to buy it, you’re unlikely to succeed.

We want to help you convert website users to loyal customers. We’ll be very happy to have an initial conversation with you about user experience, perform a user experience review of your site, or set up an in-depth user experience and user insights programme.


Instead of spending a lot of time and money on the update, management and use of a whole heap of unrelated systems that don’t work well together, come and talk with us about your system integration problems and needs. We’ll help you develop and prioritise a roadmap that will get all your systems singing from the same songsheet.

Content strategy

Content is one of your organisation’s most valuable resources, but all too often it’s treated more like a dumping ground than a strategic resource.

Webstruxure can help you develop a content strategy and turn it into an actionable content plan. We’ve done it for organisations of all sizes. With Webstruxure’s help, you can get on top of your content instead of having it get on top of you.

Email marketing

It’s getting harder to persuade email recipients to spend two minutes of their day reading your email, over and above someone else’s. Solving that problem require a systematic approacfh, and Webstruxure’s consultants can help.

We can come up with a content strategy for your email campaigns, which delivers your key messages to your customers over time, in a way that persuades them the content of your emails is valuable and keeps them wanting more.

Data management

In an ideal world, your organisation’s data is clear, consistent, standardised, easily understandable, and easily usable to help meet user goals and business needs.

But we don’t live in an ideal world. All too often, data is incomplete, inconsistent, and anything but standardised – making it very hard to work with.

Have no fear! Webstruxure’s team has experience working with data nightmares. We can take data from multiple sources, with missing or incomplete fields, and turn it into a useable resource for your company. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to take an initial look or dive right in.

Consultancy: Most of all, it’s about listening

Some consultants parachute in to your organisation, write a glossy report based on things they learned in management school, and parachute back out. The consultants get paid, their report goes in your bottom drawer, and your organisation moves on – a little sadder, a little wiser, and more than a little  poorer.

That’s not how Webstruxure does consultancy. Our approach is based on listening: listening to the views of your staff, your stakeholders, and where necessary, your users.

Next, we match what we’ve learned with what we know from our own extensive experience of solving web problems in the real world, where time is tight, budgets are limited, and your staff are people, not automatons.

And then we work with your organisation to develop recommendations that are actionable, practical, and realistic, and a roadmap of how to achieve them. We’ve all seen over-ambitious web projects announced in a blaze of glory only to fall over in recriminations and massive cost overruns a few years later. Webstruxure advocates a staged approach, in which web projects are carried out in affordable chunks, and the learnings from each stage are used to inform the next stage.

For us, consultancy isn’t all about the glossy report and the expense account. It’s about working alongside you to deliver meaningful, achievable solutions.

“Consultants? All They Do Is Take Your Money To Tell You What You Already Know!!”

Why is that not true of Webstruxure’s consultancy services? It’s because they arise out of our other work. At the core of our services is years of experience in solving real-world problems for real-world clients.

So, when you’ve brought us in to discuss your business, review your web presence, or provide recommendations and a roadmap, we do that on the basis of what works with real people and real organisations, not shiny theoretical models. Our focus is on giving you actionable, practical, realistic recommendations.

And sometimes, you may actually need consultants to tell you what you already know – because sometimes, senior management is more willing to listen to what external consultants tell them than they are to listen to their own staff. That shouldn’t be the case, but it’s a situation we’ve run into more than once.

We ‘d prefer to tell you what you don’t know – but, if necessary, we can even tell you the things you do.

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