Content Strategy

We eat, drink and sleep content. Webstruxure provides content strategy advice and content services, including content creation and content administration, from our offices in Wellington.

Content Strategy services

Content Strategy development

We can help to document what goals you want to achieve for your content, and how you’re going to achieve them. Your goals can be anything from short term one-off changes to long term and multi-staged projects. We turn your goals into actionable documents too – from content plans to web content guidelines.

Content Strategy implementation

We can support you to implement your new Content Strategy – whether you’re lacking in time or resource, we can make sure your strategy is put into action.

Content audit

We can audit your website and other online content (looking at both the copy and structure) and create a content inventory. This can be done as a stand-alone service where we can provide recommendations and guidelines to improve the information architecture of your website, and/or the readability of your content. It can also be performed as part of a web design and development project, during the planning phase.

Content review

We can read and review the content on your website and provide recommendations on how can it be improved. We can give you a general report on content quality, or recommend specific changes – and make those changes, if you want. We’ll review your content with an eye to readability, relevance, accuracy, currency and overall content quality, and if you have website content guidelines, we can also point out any content that doesn’t meet those guidelines.

Content design

We can help with the organisation, layout, and curation of content, taking into account: content structure (including mobile vs desktop devices), search engine optimisation, using plain language and best practices in writing for the web.

Content planning

We can work with you to establish a plan for writing and distributing your content. We can establish:

  • what content is needed
  • of this, what content is already available
  • how much of the existing content can be reused as is, and how much can be reused after revision
  • what new content needs to be written, and
  • where, how and when content will be distributed.

What is Content Strategy?

Does your organisation have a plan for how its content will develop over time and contribute to your organisation’s online presence?

This is a Content Strategy, and it’s a document which sets out what goals you want to achieve for your content, and how you’re going to achieve them. Your goals can be anything from short term one-off changes to long term and multi-staged projects.

Your Content Strategy should consider copy, videos, images and other media, across all online assets your company owns or uses (website, blogs, social media, applications and any external sites where company information appears).

If you already have a Content Strategy, can you honestly say it’s put to good use? Many organisations develop a web strategy or content strategy. But all too often the strategy is treated as a formal requirement that has no bearing on the organisation’s actual work. It gets written, it gets approved, and then it gets forgotten.

Webstruxure’s approach to Content Strategy

In our view, a content strategy that sits on the shelf is not a successful strategy.

To ensure the successful implementation of a strategy, we work with clients to first establish an overarching view of their business objectives for the web. This is not as a hard-and-fast plan for future development, but as a way of capturing ideas and opportunities and prioritizing them, based on business value and feasibility.

Next, we take an incremental approach to delivery. Many of our clients have great ideas but modest budgets, so we turn their business objectives, web and content strategy into a roadmap of projects to be delivered over time.

As part of a wider roadmap, a web content strategy has direction and becomes achievable. The roadmap evolves as projects are delivered; learning from small steps rather than major projects is key to efficient use of budget, as is judicious use of off the shelf or recycled functionality.

Content Strategy stages

  • Plan
  • Deliver in bite size chunks
  • Learn, test and refine
  • Repeat

Content Strategy planning

In creating a strategy, Webstruxure follows guidelines developed by content strategists Brain Traffic. They developed the ‘Content Strategy Quad,’ which considers both content and people components when delivering a content strategy:

Brain Traffic Content Strategy Quad


The core components that Brain Traffic considers for every content strategy can be broken into:

  • SUBSTANCE – What kind of content do we need and what messages does content need to communicate to our audience?
  • STRUCTURE – How is content prioritised, organised, formatted, and displayed?
  • WORKFLOW – What processes, tools and resources are required to implement content strategy and maintain ongoing quality?
  • GOVERNANCE – How are key decisions about content and content strategy made? How are changes initiated and communicated?

Webstruxure works closely with our clients to take them through each component of the quad, to ensure that we understand the information needs of both their organisation and its audience, and any limitations or considerations relevant to its implementation.

Our aim is to develop a strategy that contains realistic, incremental, implementable steps, and that is adaptable to the changing needs of the client and their users.

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