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Integration Services from Webstruxure

Webstruxure are experts in integration services. Our team builds tools to integrate with operational systems, and provides APIs for third parties to build their own applications.

Integration services are a bit like plumbing; while some parts are common to many systems, every client’s integration needs are different. So even if the service you’re after isn’t listed below, there’s a good chance Webstruxure can provide it for you. Let’s talk!

Integration services

It’s hard to list all Webstruxure’s integration services. This is because the integration solutions we provide tend to be specific to each client’s individual situation and their business needs, and their suite of front-end and back-end software and applications. With that said, our knowledge of the integration field means we quickly spot patterns in the issues clients are having. Our experience solving similar issues for previous clients means we don’t have to completely “reinvent the wheel” every time.

Our clients use a wide range of systems which require integration solutions. Typically, we create custom integration solutions for small to medium businesses, and deal with small to medium integration problems within larger organisations.

While these problems can be complex, it’s not uncommon to find they can be solved relatively quickly once someone with experience in providing integration services comes along – like us!

Mind you, Webstruxure is up for tackling big integration issues too, and we’ve built a number of integrations with the large Rightcar vehicle database that we maintain for the New Zealand Transport Agency.

As cloud-based services have grown in importance, we’ve also gained experience helping businesses using cloud-based tools to join them up with their internal systems, websites and applications.

In short, whatever you want integrated, we’re happy to take a look at it and advise you what needs to be done. There’s a good chance we’ll have the expertise and capacity to take on your integration work ourselves, but if not we can usually steer you in the right direction for a solution.

Here are some examples of integration projects Webstruxure has completed, and integration services we’ve provided.

Ecommerce website design and development

We’ve integrated online shops with both accounting systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Exonet integration

We developed WooCommerce for MYOB Exonet. This enabled businesses to integrate WordPress websites with their accounting software and was a major step forward for many small and medium businesses.

Email marketing software

We’ve all encountered “Sign up to our newsletter!” widgets on websites. Webstruxure has experience integrating newsletter sign up forms with email marketing software. This is a small but vitally necessary task for any organisation or business looking to do effective email marketing – and email marketing is another of our specialties.

Integrating cloud-based tools

Webstruxure has joined up a range of cloud-based tools – including MailChimp and PipeDrive – with a custom content application.

Enabling single sign on (SSO)

We’ve made life easier to our clients – and their website users in turn – by enabling single sign on to websites using social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.). Not only does this mean users can sign on without remembering yet another password, the clients who get us to implement such systems gain valuable data about who signs in to their site.

Better reporting

A number of clients have wanted Webstruxure’s assistance to improve the reports they get out of their business systems. It’s been our experience that while the core functionalities of process, case and customer management systems work well, reporting is often less than stellar. The “intelligence” of the system has gone into gathering and handling data, but not into producing reports that are useful for business purposes.

We’ve helped these clients integrate reporting tools with their process, case or customer management systems to provide the information they need, without compromising privacy and information security requirements.

Generating data as a resource for developing web applications

The best CRM system in the world is little use if it’s hard to get information in (or out of it). We’ve lots of experience designing useful and useable online forms, and then integrating with back-end and cloud-based systems. A couple of examples:

  • We’ve captured information via a website or application and pushed it into a customer management system.
  • We’ve created custom forms and widgets which share data with cloud based systems.
But That’s just skimming the surface of the integration work we’ve done! Our team thrives on problem solving and fixing things, so get in touch to discuss how we can make your systems work together.

Why Integration Services Matter

Integration between your front end interfaces (e.g. websites, applications, administration platforms and intranets) and your back end systems (e.g. databases, customer, process and accounting management systems) helps to reduce the time and resource costs associated with the update, management and use of a number of unrelated systems.

Integration services can also help you realise the value in data held by your organisation.

Sometimes an organisation gets frustrated trying to integrate their various systems. There’s a temptation to chuck it all away. Surely a clean slate and a grand new one-stop solution will solve it, and all at once? That can be the right approach, but it can also be a costly and disastrous mistake which ends with an unfinished project, an astronomical bill, and dirty laundry aired in the media. So before you chuck the baby out with the bathwater, talk to Webstruxure’s crack team of plumbers.

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