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Data Management Services from Webstruxure

Webstruxure uses web design and web development to help clients get the best value out of their data, information and content. We often re-purpose existing content, data or functionality to more efficiently deliver online tools and successful user experiences. This helps our clients in Wellington and around the country to engage more effectively with the public, and extend the reach of their core systems.

We’ve extensive experience helping public and commercial organisations take in-house data and make it available to the public in an appropriate and useable way. Whether it’s massive quantities of information about new or used cars in New Zealand, or records of decisions about complaints brought against real estate agents, we’ve taken back office data out into the public realm without compromising security or privacy.

If you’ve got data you could use to meet business goals and user needs but aren’t sure how to do it, give us a call. Our years of experience in data management make us a good choice to help you through the process.

Data management services

We turn raw data into useable information, acceptable to even the most data-phobic user! We also provide a range of data management services to clean up and automate your data.

Data magic and management

Webstruxure can help you to collect data, or take your existing data and make it usable, and we’ve worked on a number of large-scale data cleaning projects using a mixture of human and database skills. Having got your data clean and consistent, we can help to automate your processes to make life easier and improve the quality of ongoing data capture.

So what do we mean by data cleaning? Well, the quality of organisational data often varies. It’s usually been entered over several years by a number of people who have received varying levels of training. If any data standards have been applied, those standards have often changed over time. What’s more, if your organisation has been around for a while, the technology used to record and store the data has probably changed at least once.

These issues can apply to any type of data, but are particularly true of textual records, such as records of decisions made by tribunals and dispute resolution organisations. Decision records need to be standardised before they can be made public, for example so that the various parts of each decision record are presented in the same order. And then there are all sorts of inconsistencies to resolve, such as was a certain product  imported from the United States of America, America, the USA, or the US?

When faced with a large volume of data to clean and standardise, Webstruxure’s typical process is to:

  • Find out what the current standards for the data are and/or establish standards in conjunction with the client
  • Analyse how the existing data matches up to those standards
  • Create and carry out an automated process to resolve as many inconsistencies as possible
  • Use human expertise to decide on and resolve the remaining issues.

In general, the more we can automate such a process, the less it will cost – but some human intervention is almost always required once the automated process has been run.

Data management support

At Webstruxure we’ve noticed our clients’ data management needs evolve over time. Once we’ve helped a client make better use of their data, often they or their stakeholders come up with additional ways to use it.

So while we can come in, tidy up your data and then ride off into the sunset, we’re often asked back enhance the application or tool we originally developed.

In fact we recommend this step-by-step development because it works so well for everyone involved. Incremental delivery allows learning at each stage and involves much less risk than a large and sexy project, which can become a nightmare if something important changes, and adapting to the change isn’t in the budget.

Training in data handling

We’re very happy to mentor your staff and transfer to them project relevant skills and knowledge, which adds value throughout the project’s life cycle. This way your staff can confidently perform day-to-day data management tasks themselves, and only referr to us when new features are needed, or they run into issues they haven’t encountered before.

Why Data Management Matters

You might think we’re past the days when “data management” meant putting carbon copies of last year’s financials in ring binders and sticking them in the storeroom, never to be seen again. In fact many organisations still treat their data as more hindrance than help, and this attitude is often compounded by outdated or inefficient data management standards.

A change in mindset reveals data as a resource rather than a burden, and its value is most powerfully demonstrated by taking previously unloved data and putting it to good use. The Internet has been transformed in this way, through data sharing between applications.

At Webstruxure we have the expertise to take data, syndicate it and enable feature-rich application development. We’re the perfect choice to help businesses and organisations dust off their data treasures and bring them into the light.


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