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Wellington Web Design by Webstruxure

Webstruxure provides web design advice and services from our offices in Wellington – for clients all over New Zealand.

We focus on designing websites that are user-friendly, mobile-friendly and search engine optimised – websites that delight your users, meet your business goals, and don’t break your budget.

Web Design services

We have a range of affordable web design services for businesses, organisations, educational institutions and Government agencies and departments, so whatever your budget or design challenge, we can find a solution.

Responsive web design

The percentage of users visiting website on mobile devices is growing. If there’s just one thing you can do to improve your website, making it responsive is a good place to start. A responsive web design is one that will work well across all screen widths on modern devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Custom web design

Custom web design doesn’t have to cost you the earth. We can create a bespoke design which meets your users’ needs and your budget.

Setting up template websites

Template websites are a great way of designing websites on a budget. And using a design template doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Off-the-shelf templates can be customised to be as individual as your business.

Redesign of full site or individual components of existing website

We’re experienced and accustomed to working within large, corporate organisations, where the task is to redesign one component of a large, complex website. We’re just as capable working with small to medium businesses which need to redesign a website but keep the existing content management system, or we can migrate to a new content management system entirely.

Design for SEO (search engine optimisation) and page speed

There’s no point designing a shiny new website if no one can find it. We optimise our design for SEO, ensuring our sites are visible to search engines and quick to load.

Design review and recommendations

We can review your existing web design and provide recommendations for simple, affordable ways to improve its visual look and feel and user experience, without a complete redesign or new website build. Or if you want a complete refresh of your website we can definitely help you with that.

Design style guide

We can create an online style guide which can be applied (by us, or you) to ensure your branding and content is consistent. Our style guide covers visual, structural and content elements and makes recommendations for helping your users find and understand the information on your website.

Design consulting

Every client has a different design challenge. Whether you have no website and want expert advice, or you have more than one website and want a strategy for making the design and user experience consistent across them all – a consultation with our team is the first step to realising your design dreams.

We can get you started on the path to a new design, whether or not you’d like us to accompany you further down the path towards getting your new design completed and built.

Why engaging design matters

We’re told “Content is King” and so it is, but don’t overlook the importance of great design. Having the creative edge and a responsive website can tip the balance when users compare your brand to your competitors while selecting a service or product.

Within seconds of landing on your website, users make assumptions about your business based purely on the visual look and feel of your site’s design.

High quality, responsive design across desktop and mobile devices raises the credibility of your business, so strong visual design is vital to your organisation’s overall online strategy.

A well-designed website is part of providing branding consistency across all touch points of your business – helping to convey your values and services, and making your brand recognisable and memorable.

Webstruxure ensures that the visual look and feel of every website we build is professional, on-brand and consistent.

Our design solutions follow the latest guidelines for usability and accessibility best practices. We also keep up with web design and development trends, and evolution in the industry, which means we’re quick to identify new opportunities for our clients.

We design with a difference

There’s lots of competition about for responsive web design and building websites – From “bedroom web designers” to free website templates; from boutique design agencies to big IT corporations.

So what makes Webstruxure different? Putting it simply, we’re experts at translating design into code.

Think of your website as a car. You could have a really, really awesome looking McLaren Formula One car. But if your awesome car has mechanical or technical faults it doesn’t matter how good it looks, it’s still not going to get you from A to B.

Our team ensures that all the technical I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed so our websites run quickly and securely. We keep our code clean and tidy, we optimise for page speed and generally ensure that we maintain “what’s under the hood” as much as we keep the exterior looking shiny and new.


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