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How we work

We design and develop great web solutions with modest budgets. Find out how we do it…

We’re not your average Wellington design agency. We specialise in designing for the web and making the web development process more efficient and affordable than you’d expect.

We work smarter, not harder

At Webstruxure, we believe that getting the best out of the web involves utilising the strengths of existing platforms and tools, and integrating off-the-shelf products with custom solutions.

We can create things that work well without having to re-invent everything from scratch. We work with what you already have – or whatever is readily available – to get the job done efficiently, and that makes it more affordable. We pride ourselves on achieving great things with modest budgets. And of course we can build from scratch too.

In our world, one size doesn’t fit all

We take an individual approach to each client and every project, starting by listening to your web woes and understanding the issues that need solving. Rather than leading you through a one-size-fits-all set of processes to scope and develop a product or service, we ask you to lead us through a need or a problem that requires a solution. We then take into account your budget and any special requirements, to create something that’s just right for you.

We focus on the things that count

There’s no point building a website if no-one can find it. Our team understands the importance of designing websites that are visible in search engines. We take a whole-team approach to ensure our design, content and code are search engine optimised to rank well.

If visibility is important, usability is just as important. Once a visitor lands on your website, if they don’t find it easy to navigate and to complete the tasks they need to do, they will leave. We take a user-led approach to web design and development, and we ensure our content is easy to find and understand.

Building websites and applications that are affordable – even for a modest budget – doesn’t have to come at the cost of user experience, great content and responsive design. You can have it all.

We lead you on the road to success

As part of agreeing on the solution for your project, we plan a road map for how we will get there, and beyond. Sometimes this road map is a short journey from A to B – where the project is to deliver a product or service from start to finish. Sometimes it’s a long journey, where A is the delivery of a strategy and points B through Z are products and services to be incorporated along the way.

The road map is a living document, which is delivered incrementally and evolves with learnings and the changing needs of your business and users over time.

A problem shared is a problem solved

If it happens on the web or needs the web to work, our team can find a solution that fits your needs and budget. We help to make technical and complex stuff  understandable and not-so-scary. So a problem shared with our team really is a problem solved.

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