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Web Development Services from Webstruxure

We take on web development projects at all scales, including developing sites using the WordPress and DNN content management systems. We also carry out custom web development, and we’re specialists at integrating front-end and back-end systems.

Web development services

WordPress websites

WordPress is the most popular open source content management system – over 25% of the web runs on WordPress, from brand-new bloggers to corporate giants (for example CNN, TIME Magazine and Dow Jones). It’s easy-to-use and intuitive, but also powerful.

WordPress supports integration with hundreds of different ‘plugins’, from email marketing and customer management platforms, to payment systems and more. It’s highly customisable and flexible – anything you need can be achieved with WordPress.

We use WordPress because it enables us to reduce the time it takes to create a new website, meaning we can reduce the cost to our clients. Best of all, because it’s open source WordPress is always at the forefront of technology and is highly supported, fast and secure.

Our website hosting server is custom built to run fast and stable WordPress websites. The special configuration means we can make Google Page Speed improvements easily, which is vital for a fast website Google will love.

We make sure your website has the latest and most secure version of WordPress installed. We also ensure you use a modern, responsive WordPress theme (visual design) that works well on the latest versions of each major browser.

DNN websites

DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) is the most widely adopted open source platform for building web sites based on Microsoft .NET technology, with more than 750,000 production web sites in operation.

DNN has an extensive user community and third-party developer ecosystem, and the application’s content management system is easily extensible and customizable through the use of skins and modules.

DNN’s content management system gives non-technical users the ability to create and edit content, and add custom features and personalize the site look and feel. It can be further expanded with addition of third party modules and tailored with custom graphics and layouts in the form of skins.

The DNN framework provides basic functionality such as security, user administration and content management, while modules are used to tailor the website for specific deployment needs.

A set of primary modules are included with the core DNN distribution. These modules provide the functionality required to create an e-commerce system, intranet, a public web site or a custom web application.

Further modules can be downloaded from the DNN Store , a marketplace of third-party DNN modules and skins.

We benefit from DNN’s extensive security audits and leverage that information to ensure our sites are up-to-date and secure. Where clients are running an older vulnerable version of DNN, we encourage them to upgrade and help them through the upgrade process.

We maintain a suite of virtual servers to support clients using the DNN CMS with our hosting provider, Umbrellar. These clients include a number of large content sites.

Custom web development

We can customise WordPress and DNN sites for you, or our team of expert, experienced developers can build you custom websites, tools and applications.

  • Custom built user tools and applications: These can range from small single task widgets designed to be embedded in third party sites and CMS platforms, through lightweight apps for serving up topical content, to substantial browser-based single page applications designed to replace complex spreadsheets or workflow applications.
  • Developing website code in server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript, .Net, and SQL: With many years of experience under their belts, each of our developers has built up a library of coding techniques and approaches to apply to web development. One constant thread running through all of their development is the attention to writing quality code that is scalable, robust, maintainable and secure.
  • Carrying out CMS integration, template mark-up, and database tie-in: Our developers are well versed in integrating back-end code with many CMS platforms, including WordPress, SilverStripe, and DNN. Each system has its own template mark-up and coding features, and our developers have a great depth of understanding of the strengths and weakness of the platforms for which they develop.
  • Performing API and native application integration: Writing scripts to consume data from various APIs has become commonplace for back-end developers. Webstruxure’s developers have thoroughly mastered this way of sharing data, and now develop APIs to allow data managed by Webstruxure to be syndicated across the Internet, enabling feature rich application development.

A Track Record Of Getting Results For Our Clients

Our focus is on getting results for our clients, whether we’re developing a small WordPress website, a DNN website or a large and complex web application.

We break all but the smallest projects down into a series of achievable, affordable steps, and put emphasis on making sure our clients are up with the play. If issues arise we sit down with you and resolve them, over a coffee or at our Wellington office.

One big reason why we develop long-term and successful relationships with our clients is our great track record developing WordPress and DNN sites, together with custom web development. Another biggie is our commitment to keep you in the loop and work through issues together if they arise.


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