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Who we are

We’re content creators. We’re problem solvers. We thrive on fixing things

We’re Webstruxure. We design and develop affordable and smart solutions for applications and websites. We pride ourselves on achieving great things with modest budgets. We’ve been helping clients navigate the online world from our offices in Wellington since 2001. We create and enhance search engine optimised websites, and design web applications that serve our clients’ needs and help their users.


Meet the team

Our team includes experts in user experience, design, content, integration, data and development. Together we deliver end to end, front to back (and back to front) solutions for the web. From user-led, responsive design and development to content strategy, SEO content writing, web support and everything inbetween.


Ian Edwards - Data Management at Webstruxure

Ian Edwards
Fearless Leader


Conrad Zawada - Project Management at Webstruxure

Conrad Zawada
Tactical Jukebox


Alex Grover - Digital Strategist at Webstruxure

Alex Grover
Gets IT Done


Brandon Stewart - Web Design and UX at Webstruxure

Brandon Stewart
Colouring in Expert


Tim Jones - Content Strategist at Webstruxure

Tim Jones
Lord of the Words


Mark Chamberman - Web Developer at Webstruxure

Mark Chamberman
Master of Logic


Grace Huang - Web Developer at Webstruxure

Grace Huang
Coder of WOW


Trevor George - Web Developer at Webstruxure

Trevor George
Coding Monk(ey)


Maddy Schafer - Content Specialist at Webstruxure

Maddy Schafer
Queen of Content


Tom Power - Digital Caretaker at Webstruxure

Tom Power
Digital Caretaker


Chad Taylor - Content Specialist at Webstruxure

Chad Taylor


A partnership for success

A big part of who we are is who we choose to work with and how we work together. We work in partnership with our clients, which leads to long-term working relationships. Our clients are an extension of our team, and include organisations from government and education to not for profit and private sector businesses.

If you’d like us to work together with you, we’d love to hear from you.

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