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In 2012 and 2013, these posts proved popular:

An eCommerce Solution for MYOB Exo Business

Webstruxure and Very Impressive Software Join Forces To Offer A Web Store for MYOB Exo Business

Webstruxure and Very Impressive Software (VIS) have already worked together on a number of projects, such as VI Assets. We bring our web and content management system expertise together with VIS’s expertise in accounting systems to put together tools that benefit small and medium-sized businesses.

Now Very Impressive Software, with Webstruxure’s help, is offering viExoStore for MYOB Exo Business (Exo).

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9 Common Content Mistakes On Websites

Most websites contain content that is out of date, inaccurate or just plain wrong. More worryingly, many websites go live with content that is factually wrong and/or already out of date.

What to do about it? The best thing is to ensure that one person has the job of looking after the content throughout the web development process and making sure that it is accurate, relevant, readable, current and useful when the site goes live, and is kept that way throughout the life-cycle of the site.

I’ve been through that process with a number of sites, and by now I’ve got an idea of what to look out for. Here are nine of the most common content errors on websites …

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Want To Avoid The Next Novopay? Read This Book.

Webstruxure is a small company – seven staff members (and steadily growing…). So how come we’ve got Government departments among our clients? Don’t public sector IT projects always go to the big players?

The answer is that all too often, they do. And that isn’t just bad news for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the IT field. It’s bad news for the Government, and therefore for taxpayers, as well.

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Moving Applications From The Desktop To The Web

In a brave new era in which we’re all supposed to be floating somewhere in the cloud with our applications floating around us, it’s easy to forget there are still plenty of Windows and other desktop applications out there, doing the job they’ve been built to do.

The companies and developers that built those Windows applications can see there is a growing demand for web applications. Knowing of our expertise in both website and .Net solutions development, they have been approaching Webstruxure to help them port their Windows applications across to the Web.

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Blog Spam: Beating The Cylon Challenge

I learned something today. I learned that the acronym CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated PublicTuring test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

I had always thought it stood for Completely Irritating And Indecipherable Images Designed To Stop Anyone Commenting, so I’m pleased I’ve learned something. But I’ve also discovered that, as one might expect, there is an “arms race” between spammers and the technologies designed to stop them, with the spammers forever getting one step ahead.

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