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4 Significant SEO Factors for 2019

A quick search on Google for “2019 SEO factors” will deliver an abundance of results. We’ve picked 4 points for you to focus on for your 2019 SEO strategy. Let’s dive right in. 1. Rankbrain and user experience signals matter more Rankbrain is a machine learning system which Google uses to sort search results. After …

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Anatomy Of A Great Ecommerce Website

You want to sell things online. Your customers want to buy things online. So what’s the problem? All too often, the problem is your ecommerce website. For every great example of an ecommerce website that works brilliantly for both a company and its customers, there are a whole lot of sites that are too slow, …

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Anatomy Of A Great Brand Website

A great brand website and a great brand go hand in hand – because these days, many customers prefer to learn about brands from the brands themselves, not from retailers. Likewise, an increasing number of customers prefer to buy directly from the brand’s own website, not from a retailer’s site. So brand websites increasingly need …

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The Importance Of Headers In Your Content

Headers are important to your web pages. In fact, they’re vital. They serve your readers and search engines, meaning they’re significant to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This post tells you why they matter and how to use them. What are headers? Before you can learn how to use headers, you need to know what they …

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