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Writing, designing and coding for email marketing campaigns is a different skill to writing, designing and coding for websites. Our team are specialists in a range of email services and email campaign management.

Email Marketing services

Design and build for HTML email

Any web company can design and build emails, right?

Wrong. HTML for email is very different from HTML for the web. Web HTML has matured over time and follows well made guidelines (W3C) that are recognised and followed by the major web browsers we use today.

On the other hand, email clients are not web browsers and employ their own rules for displaying HTML’s visual styles on the page. We liken this to the “Wild West” – it has very little rules!

That’s an extreme view, but it illustrates HTML for the web is consistent and predictable, while email HTML is not. Therefore it’s very important to know how to develop your HTML code for use across the myriad of email clients both as software and ones used in web browsers (Gmail, Yahoo etc.) that you need it to work in.

Many web companies unfortunately treat email the same as they do websites. They don’t know the intricate ins-and-outs of email HTML.

Here’s just some of the reasons why you need Webstruxure for your email marketing needs:

  • Well-coded emails are crucial. If your email ‘breaks’ on a customer’s screen (doesn’t display as intended), you’ve lost your customer’s attention and the reason you wrote and sent that email.
  • We have an email testing suite to ensure your email is rock solid.
  • It’s more than just coding. Making sure you use a reputable email sending service (i.e. an email campaign platform such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor), that you verify SPF records, that you’re not on any email blacklists all contribute to your “send-ability” and lower the risk of becoming a spam folder statistic.
  • We have years of experience specifically coding and designing HTML emails so they work across platforms and get read!

Tidying up messy mailing lists

Our multi-skilled team includes data experts who can turn your customer/member data into a usable mailing list. Whether it’s housed within an internal system or basic Excel spreadsheet, we can clean up and integrate your customer information with your chosen email marketing platform.

Our team has experience working with data nightmares – we can take data from one squillion sources*, with missing or incomplete fields, that’s out of date and covered in cobwebs – and turn it into a usable resource for your marketing needs. Plus, once your mailing list is tidy we can help to keep it that way, continually cleaning up unsubscribes and bounced emails.

* Figures may, or may not be, an exaggeration.

Writing email content that gets results

We don’t just design and build emails, we can write them too. And we can come up with a content strategy for your regular e-newsletter or promotional campaign. Good content is key to getting the most value out of email marketing – for you and your recipients

The problem with email marketing, is everyone is doing it – so it’s getting harder to persuade email recipients to spend two minutes of their day reading your email, over and above someone else’s.

Webstruxure can:

  • Come up with a content strategy for your email campaigns, which delivers your key messages to your customers over time, in a way that persuades them the content of your emails is valuable and keeps them wanting more.
  • Write your email content – translating what you want to say into text which motivates recipients to act. Good content is content that ensures your customers not only remain loyal subscribers, but that they share your content too.

Online surveys are our specialty

There are many reasons for sending an email, and one of those is to ask for customer feedback. This sounds simple – just set up a survey in Survey Monkey, send the link out to your mailing list and sit back while the responses roll in… Well, maybe, but if the email isn’t written quite right, you might not get the number of responses you want. Or, you might get the number of responses – but the answers themselves aren’t actually what you needed.

Writing online surveys is an art. You have to write the right questions to get the right answers. Then, you need to design the survey to be readable and user-friendly. And finally, you need to persuade people to respond to your survey without using bribery (although a little token of thanks doesn’t go amiss).

Webstruxure can help to:

  • write surveys that get the answers you need to take action
  • design readable, user-friendly online surveys
  • write a survey invite that will achieve maximum responses
  • manage the invite mailing list to ensure data is clean and correct
  • distribute the survey via Survey Monkey or your chosen email marketing platform.

Complying with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act

If you weren’t already convinced as to why you need Webstruxure’s support with your email marketing campaigns, we can work with you to manage your mailing lists whilst ensuring you adhere to the guidelines set down by the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

Email mailing lists must be carefully managed to ensure they meet the strict rules outlined in the Act. Failure to comply could mean a fine of up to $500,000 – and that’s a mistake you can’t afford to make.

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