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An eCommerce Solution for MYOB Exo Business

Webstruxure and Very Impressive Software Join Forces To Offer A Web Store for MYOB Exo Business

Webstruxure and Very Impressive Software (VIS) have already worked together on a number of projects, such as VI Assets. We bring our web and content management system expertise together with VIS’s expertise in accounting systems to put together tools that benefit small and medium-sized businesses.

Now Very Impressive Software, with Webstruxure’s help, is offering viExoStore for MYOB Exo Business (Exo).

viExoStore is a web store that takes orders, sells goods, and collects money. It integrates directly with an Exo system installed within your own network.

Unlike some other offerings, viExoStore places orders directly into Exo via a web service. This eliminates the need to periodically ‘sync’ databases.

viExoStore is also a fully functional Content Management System that can be used to host your main website. This allows you to maintain it quickly and easily and so keep it current with news, product announcements, contact details and the like. You maintain the pages yourself, so there are no extra charges for content updates.

viExoStore uses VIS’s API (XenoNet) and Web Service (XenoWeb) to integrate with Exo. This means that changes to products in Exo can be made available to the web store quickly and that orders are in Exo and can be dispatched within minutes of being placed.

To find out more about viExoStore, contact [email protected]

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