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Website Content Guidelines keep you on track

Website Content Guidelines – Staying On-Topic And On-Brand

When you’re responsible for website content, it’s easy to go off-track. And when you’re heading for the heights, it’s easy to fall a long way in a hurry by posting content that isn’t on topics relevant to the products or services you offer, or the brand values your website is meant to represent. That’s where …

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Anatomy Of A Great Brand Website

A great brand website and a great brand go hand in hand – because these days, many customers prefer to learn about brands from the brands themselves, not from retailers. Likewise, an increasing number of customers prefer to buy directly from the brand’s own website, not from a retailer’s site. So brand websites increasingly need …

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Outdated content

How To Refresh & Revive Your Site’s Outdated Content

Let’s say your blog’s voice is hip, informative, useful, and it brings people to your site. But when they check out Services or About, your site’s static content reads like it was written five years ago, by somebody who didn’t know what you know today … because it was. Your blog has evolved but the …

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The Importance Of Headers In Your Content

Headers are important to your web pages. In fact, they’re vital. They serve your readers and search engines, meaning they’re significant to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This post tells you why they matter and how to use them. What are headers? Before you can learn how to use headers, you need to know what they …

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Why Content Needs To Be Put First In Your Website Project Budget

Making The Case For Content: Why Content Needs To Be Put First In Your Website Project Budget Enthusiastic imaginary client at the start of their website development project: “Content is King (or Queen)! Having high-quality, readable, engaging content is the No. 1 priority for our website redevelopment project.” Same imaginary client about two weeks before their …

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Blogging for Business – Why You Should Start A Blog

Blogging is a powerful, inexpensive marketing tool you need to use for your business. Hang on, what is blogging? Alright, it’s 2018 – you probably know! But, just in case, let’s start at the start. A blog is simply a space online that you update regularly with your thoughts, knowledge, feelings and so forth. How …

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How To Write Great Website Content

Words are just words right? If you can write for the printed page, surely you can write for the web. Well perhaps not. Writing for the web is a different game. Some of the differences are obvious and some are subtle. Consider this long paragraph, taken from the home page of a Wellington based website …

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