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SEO Audit Scrabble Pieces

SEO Audit – Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

See the other posts in our series:   SEO Audit – Is Your Website SEO Friendly?  SEO Audit – On-Page SEO Checklist  SEO Audit – Off Page SEO Techniques   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be baffling – and with talk of ‘Black Hat SEO’ and ‘White Hat SEO’ it’s no wonder it …

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Google The Market Leader In Simplicity

What Google Analytics Can Teach You About Web Design

You can’t escape Google – it’s everywhere. So when it comes to web design, web development and website analytics, here at Webstruxure we try to learn from Google instead. Google Search Keeps It Simple I remember the first time I used Google. I didn’t want to use it – I was perfectly happy with my …

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web design vs web development

The Beginners’ Guide to Web Design vs Web Development

If you need a new website, or some improvements made to your existing website, and you’re new to the field, you’ll probably find that a lot of confusingly similar-sounding terms get bandied around. Two such terms are web design and web development. In Webstruxure’s view, these are complementary disciplines – partners, not rivals. In our …

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Web design students working together over coffee

Which Wellington Web Design Course?

Which Wellington web design course suits you? There’s a range of great courses to choose from in Wellington. Whether you’re looking for a degree course, a diploma course or a short course, there’s at least one Wellington education provider that offers the course you are looking for to launch you into the world of web …

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