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Site Porter: We Rescue Your Stranded Website

The problem of a stranded website

We all know how it’s supposed to work. You develop a shiny new website, host it in a modern content management system, update it regularly, keep your users happy, keep your boss happy, and get a big bonus at the end of the year.

But all too often, especially for small companies and organisations, it goes more like this:

  • A bright spark offers to make a website for you. They make the website. It’s shiny. And then the bright spark leaves, and with them goes any chance of getting the website updated. As the months and the years pass, your website goes from shiny to dull to corroded.

Or like this:

  • You get a developer to build a website for you. They do a good job. The only problem is, any time you need a change to the website, you have to ask the developer. It takes them ages to get round to it, and when they do, they charge through the nose for even the smallest changes.

Either way, your users will be unhappy. Your boss will be unhappy. And you can forget about the bonus.

Site Porter is the solution

Site Porter is here to rescue your stranded website! Site Porter will take your existing site, as-is, where-is, and transfer it into the Umbraco content management system. The transfer will cost you $1500 if your site has 1-15 pages and $1900 if it has from 16-40 pages.

Note: Prices are in NZ dollars and exclude GST. If your site is bigger than 40 pages, ask us for a quote.

We’ll also arrange hosting for you, and do a bunch of other good things that are detailed on our Site Porter page.

Why Umbraco? Well, it’s a widely-deployed CMS that has over 110,000 installations worldwide. Big companies like Heinz, Vogue and Microsoft use it, but more to the point, so do lots of small companies and organisations who love its ease of use. Editing a page is no harder than editing a word processor document, and creating a new page takes thirty seconds on a slow day. So, once your site is in Umbraco, it won’t get stranded again.

As we say, Site Porter is a like-for-like deal – our aim is to reproduce your existing site as closely as possible in Umbraco. But if you want to improve your site as well, we are standing by to help you with site content, structure and visual design. If you need these additional services, please get in touch and tell us what needs doing.

With Site Porter, you can leave it to Webstruxure to do the heavy lifting.

Webstruxure is here to make the web work smarter. We provide a range of services and support to get your website up to date, looking beautiful and providing superb content for your users. Let us know how we can help you for user friendly, mobile friendly and search engine friendly websites.
Our services include:
 Web Design
Content Strategy
User Experience

If it happens on the web or needs the web to work, our team can find a solution that fits your needs and budget. We help to make technical and complex stuff understandable and not-so-scary. So a problem shared with our team really is a problem solved.

Talk to Webstruxure

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