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7 Things You Should Know About Social Media No. 1: Social Media Is A Communication Tool, Not A Magic Wand

Many New Zealand businesses are unsure about social media. They’re unsure about its benefits, and unsure about its risks.

We find that many of our clients have established a social media presence and don’t know what to do with it, or feel they should be on social media but don’t know how it would help their business. And if we’re honest, we have work to do on our own social media presence – but that’s another blog post for another day.

In this series, we tell you a few things we’ve learned about social media. It’s not everything, but it’s a start.

1. Social media is a communication tool, not a magic wand

If your business needs to communicate with the public, there are a whole lot of ways of doing so. You could spend millions on display advertising. You could hire one of those planes that buzzes around towing a banner behind it with your company name. Both display advertising and aerial banners are communication tools which may or may not be appropriate for your business to use.

Social media is the same. It isn’t a magic bullet, or a magic wand – it’s another way (in fact, a whole lot of ways) of communicating with the people you want to reach. It has costs and benefits, and you should evaluate those costs and benefits against the costs and benefits of other communications tools when deciding how to allocate your resources.

Maybe you’ll decide your money can be better spent on other tools. Maybe you’ll decide that social media should form a major part of your communication strategy. But that decision should be made on the basis of careful analysis, not on hope – or fear.

Next time: Peekaboo!

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