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Sturcture of URL

How To Structure URLs For Maximum Search Engine Optimisation

Why do we post so much about Search Engine Optimisation on this blog? Because adopting good SEO practices on the Webstruxure website made a major difference to our own business, by greatly increasing the volume of leads and conversions. And if it can make a major difference to our business, then it can make a …

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The Good Web Design Checklist

Web design is about a whole lot more than just the visual appearance of your site – although that is certainly important! Here is a handy checklist of things that you need to take into account when redesigning your existing website or having a new website designed. What Are The Goals Of Your Website? Does …

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Child writing with a red pencil

6 Ways To Produce Better Web Content

In your company or organisation, it’s unlikely everyone thinks they’re a top-end visual designer – unless, in fact, you run a visual design company. But when it comes to creating web content, suddenly everyone’s an expert – because surely everyone knows how to stick some words on a page, right? In fact, lots of people …

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laptop screen and hand holding credit card

10 Top Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Website

There are a whole lot of ecommerce websites out there. Some of them are fast, efficient, user-friendly and effective. Others – not so much. It’s very much a case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Here are 10 top tips for making sure your ecommerce website is a success for your users and …

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Google The Market Leader In Simplicity

What Google Analytics Can Teach You About Web Design

You can’t escape Google – it’s everywhere. So when it comes to web design, web development and website analytics, here at Webstruxure we try to learn from Google instead. Google Search Keeps It Simple I remember the first time I used Google. I didn’t want to use it – I was perfectly happy with my …

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web design vs web development

The Beginners’ Guide to Web Design vs Web Development

If you need a new website, or some improvements made to your existing website, and you’re new to the field, you’ll probably find that a lot of confusingly similar-sounding terms get bandied around. Two such terms are web design and web development. In Webstruxure’s view, these are complementary disciplines – partners, not rivals. In our …

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