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Which Wellington Web Development Course?

Which Wellington web development course is best for you? Wellington educational institutions and training providers offer a wide range of web development courses, including short courses, diploma courses and degree courses. Whether you are taking your first steps into the field of web development, or looking to upgrade your skills and your job prospects, there is a Wellington web development course for you.

Victoria University of Wellington offers a four-year Honours course in software engineering, which includes many aspects of web development and extensive work experience. Among the wide range of offerings from Yoobee School of Design is a Level 6 diploma in web development, while Whitireia Polytechnic and Weltec have got together under the Computer Power Plus banner to offer a Level 5 diploma. Dev Academy runs intensive 9-week bootcamps in web development, while the Community Education Centre offers a short basic course that will get you underway.

Which course best meets your needs? That depends on what you’re looking for. Is it an introduction to the field, a quick refresher, a short but intensive course, or an academic qualification that will open up a range of fields? That’s likely to depend on your budget, your other commitments, and what level of web development position you’re looking for.

Web development is a rapidly changing field. There are many niches within it, but is your best bet to be a specialist in one particular aspect of web development, or are you better suited as a generalist, with a wide range of knowledge and the ability to adapt quickly as the field changes?

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a Wellington web development course to meet your needs. Below, you’ll find information about the web development courses offered by five different Wellington education and training providers. What works best for you?.

Web Development Wellington

What makes Wellington so special for web developers? Apart from all the other great things about our compact, liveable capital city, Wellington is a vibrant creative hub, with its tech sector and its creative sector working closely together for a range of Government, educational, health and private sector clients.

Wellington web developers have the chance to get involved in projects of all scales, whether it’s developing sites for small and medium private sector clients, developing apps, or embarking on large development projects for Government and institutional clients.

There’s a lively web design community, a lot of expertise in building apps, a growing games development sector, and a focus on the user experience. For the large number of Government clients, data management is especially important.

If you’re a Wellington web developer, chances are that you’ll be working in or near the CBD. That means you won’t be far from a café or a bar.  Meeting up with other web developers is easy – and that’s reflected in the number of web development meetups, seminar, conferences and unconferences. Whether it’s afternoon tea with a client or a catchup with friends and peers, web development in Wellington doesn’t have to be a solitary occupation.

At Webstruxure, web development is part of a team effort. At Webstruxure’s Wellington office, our web developers work closely with experts in such fields as web design, content strategycontent creation and user experience, among other fields, to create websites that work well, with fast load times and clean code. And, thanks to our web design expertise, our sites look good too.

Whether they work for Webstruxure, or one of Wellington’s many other web companies, Wellington’s web developers – and the web development courses offered in the city – are an important part of what makes Wellington’s digital sector such a success.

Wellington web development course options

Download our handy print-friendly guide to Wellington’s web Development course options. The downloadable PDF contains everything you need to know, including links to find out more and apply online, plus contact information.

Download PDF

Education institute

Programme name

2017 – 2018 start dates

Community Education Centre
(Wellington High School)
Web Design and Development 6-week course starts
18 October 2017
Computer Power Plus Diploma in Web Development and Design
(Level 5)
34-week course starts
9 October 2017
Dev Academy Web Development Bootcamp 9-week bootcamp starts
8 January 2018
Victoria University Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering Trimester 1 starts
5 March 2018
Yoobee School of Design Diploma of Web Development (Level 6) 43-week course starts
12 February 2018


Community Education Centre

The Community Education Centre’s Web Design and Development course is a short, practical introduction to the basics of web development and design. Students will learn about and practise basic HTML5 tags and structure, CSS, hyperlinks, images and code checking.

Students will finish the course having created a basic website that they can then use to help them create additional sites – and they’ll know how to purchase a web domain and get the site hosted, too.

Computer Power Plus

Computer Power Plus, jointly operated by Whitireia Polytechnic and Weltec, is now offering a Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5). This is a brand new programme providing a pathway to becoming a web development professional.

The course teaches students to build a complete web application following the entire web development process from end to end, using a content management system. Students will also graduate with a broad set of internationally relevant IT skills.

Dev Academy

Dev Academy’s Web Development Bootcamps are 9 week intensive courses available at their Wellington campus, and preceded by a preparation phase, beginning at the start of each month, which students complete independently.

After their 9 weeks of intense coding, students graduate with a portfolio of web projects that they’ve designed and built – just what employers are looking for. The programme has been carefully crafted in collaboration with employers, using the latest research on immersive learning.

Victoria University

Victoria University’s four-year Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering teaches students the skills to write code, design and use complex algorithms, work in teams and use modern project management techniques, including Agile.

Students will develop skills in important practical topics—like web services, software modelling, and touchscreen and gesture-based interfaces. The programme includes 800 hours of invaluable work experience, and provides opportunities to work with local and international businesses through an internship programme.


Yoobee offers the Diploma of Web Development (Level 6), a one-year full-time course.

There’s a global shortage of talented developers to create custom web applications – both client-side and server-side. That means web developers are in high demand and well remunerated, which in turn means web development is a good career choice. Yoobee’s Diploma in Web Development will equip you with the web development skills you need to be successful in this rapidly changing industry.


Download our handy print-friendly guide to Wellington’s web development course options. The downloadable PDF contains everything you need to know, including links to find out more and apply online, plus contact information.

Download PDF

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