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Webstruxure Delighted to be Included in Cross-Government ICT Initiative

Webstruxure CEO Ian Edwards said that inclusion on the government’s panel of preferred bidders showed the work Webstruxure had done for government agencies over the past eleven years was being recognised, together with Webstruxure’s acknowledged web content expertise.

“We’ve always taken the approach that government web sites should be just as usable and useful as any other sites”, said Mr Edwards, “and that this relies as much on content  – and how it is produced – as on visual or technical design . Government agencies have kept coming back to us over the years because we not only help them deliver content for new web sites,  but also as part of their ongoing operational processes.”

Webstruxure has been selected for inclusion in the Website Technical Writer panel category. Webstruxure’s effort in this area is led by its Content Strategist, Tim Jones. As Mr Jones says, government departments and agencies don’t find it easy to develop web content that meets user needs.

“Typically, government web content is written by people who are experts in their own narrow subject area, but who have difficulty explaining what they know in terms non-experts can understand,” says Mr Jones. “Our job is to explain government services and activities in ways that meet users’ needs, while still meeting institutional goals.”

Webstruxure is looking forward to continuing its productive relationship with both its existing government clients and new clients in the web content area. “Whether you’re the largest government department or the smallest one-person business, we’re always interested in talking with you,” says Tim Jones.

For further information on the cross-government Common Web Services syndicated procurement initiative, see ict.govt.nz/

2017 Note: We were pleased to be selected for the All of Government Web Services Panel

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