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404 Error Pages: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re surfing the web, sooner or later you’re going to see a 404 “Page not found” error. You might even see it in real life… The 404 page is what users see when they try to visit a webpage that doesn’t exist. In case you’ve forgotten what they look like, here’s a generic 404 …

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4 Significant SEO Factors for 2019

A quick search on Google for “2019 SEO factors” will deliver an abundance of results. We’ve picked 4 points for you to focus on for your 2019 SEO strategy. Let’s dive right in. 1. Rankbrain and user experience signals matter more Rankbrain is a machine learning system which Google uses to sort search results. After …

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The Importance Of Headers In Your Content

Headers are important to your web pages. In fact, they’re vital. They serve your readers and search engines, meaning they’re significant to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This post tells you why they matter and how to use them. What are headers? Before you can learn how to use headers, you need to know what they …

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How To Write Title Tags and Meta Descriptions To Improve CTR

Title tags and meta descriptions are two elements that can be crafted to entice searchers to click through to your site. Title tags*, as you may have guessed, are the page title displayed in Google search results (AKA the blue text). Meta descriptions are the blurbs that sit under the titles. If you’re ranking well …

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Blogging for Business – Why You Should Start A Blog

Blogging is a powerful, inexpensive marketing tool you need to use for your business. Hang on, what is blogging? Alright, it’s 2018 – you probably know! But, just in case, let’s start at the start. A blog is simply a space online that you update regularly with your thoughts, knowledge, feelings and so forth. How …

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Social Media Sites – Sharing Your Business Content

Social Media – that’s what you call the websites and applications designed to allow people to communicate quickly and share content in real time. It’s a bit of a beast. So how do you know which social media sites to use? Where should you share your content? Why should I share content on social media …

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Are Keywords Still Important For SEO In 2018?

Keywords are an important part of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. It’s now 2018 and keywords are still just as relevant as ever, so read on to find out what they are and how to use them. What are keywords? Keywords can be described as the topic for your content. They are also the …

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Page Load Speed – What It Is And Why It Matters in 2018

Google has announced that “starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.” They are calling this the Speed Update. What is page loading speed? Page load speed is described in two ways. First is “page load time,” meaning how long it takes to display the content of a web …

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Writing For The Web – 5 Tips To Get You Started

Writing for the Web – What’s the Difference? People online are often looking for the answer to a question, and they don’t want to muck around hunting for it. This means that your readers aren’t really reading at all, so writing for the web is quite different to writing for print. Here’s 5 tips for …

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