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Want To Avoid The Next Novopay? Read This Book.

Webstruxure is a small company – seven staff members (and steadily growing…). So how come we’ve got Government departments among our clients? Don’t public sector IT projects always go to the big players? The answer is that all too often, they do. And that isn’t just bad news for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in …

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Moving Applications From The Desktop To The Web

In a brave new era in which we’re all supposed to be floating somewhere in the cloud with our applications floating around us, it’s easy to forget there are still plenty of Windows and other desktop applications out there, doing the job they’ve been built to do. The companies and developers that built those Windows …

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Why Reviewing Your Website Is A Really Good Idea

Unless your company or organisation’s website has just been published – and maybe even if it has – it is highly likely that it contains content that is out of date, inaccurate, misleading, hard for your users to understand, or just plain boring. Important content may be missing entirely, or buried deep beneath other, less …

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7 Things You Should Know About Social Media: The Series

Seven brides for seven brothers? Not quite, but here are seven things you should know about social media, from our recently-completed blog series: Social media is a communication tool, not a magic wand Peekaboo! Yes, there are risks It’s (almost) all about the conversation The best argument against using social media All about the tone …

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